Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Palette #11: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture: World Traveler Palette

First, I want to apologize for my absence.  I have had a lot on my plate lately and haven't had time to post anything.  Second, I grabbed the new ABH palette and created some looks with it!  As of this post it is still available so grab it while you can!  I have had a ton of fun putting these looks together.

Here's the palette for reference:

Look #1:

This reminds me of pink diamonds.  As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Step 1: Pat Intense Gaze on the lid, leaving a small space in the center blank
Step 2: Pat Pink Champagne on the center of the lid where you left a space
Step 3: Lightly blend Morocco in the crease and blend upwards
Step 4: Trace Fudge on the outer V and blend into the crease
Step 5: Lightly sweep Soft Peach on the brow bone
Step 6: Lightly pat Pink Champagne on the inner corner

Look #2:

This look turned out a lot more intense than I expected.  Weird, sexy nighttime.

Step 1: Pat Chic all over the lid
Step 2: Pat Intense Gaze on the outer corner of the lid
Step 3: Trace Azure on the outer V and extend into crease
Step 4: Blend Heirloom into Azure
Step 5: Sweep Soft Peach onto brow bone
Step 6: Trace a little Azure onto the lower lashline
Step 7: Pat Metallic into the inner corner, extend a little upward into the crease and slightly on the lower lashline

Look #3:

As always, my more neutral look. Peaches and browns.  

Step 1: Buff Bellini into the crease
Step 2: Pat Spoiled all over the lid
Step 3: Blend Fudge into crease, slowly building to desired effect
Step 4: Sweep Soft Peach on the brow bone
Step 5: Pat Chic on the inner corner 

Until next time :)