Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July! + Eye Look

Happy Fourth to all my USA readers!  I created this eye look to celebrate the fourth.  There are very few holidays where I get to use my red eye shadow so I was very excited to use it.

Hope you enjoy!

Here are the products I used but feel free to use whatever is in your stash:

Step 1: Buff your transition color into the crease.  I used a peachy color (Specifically Matt Singh from the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette by The Balm)
Step 2: Buff the red eyeshadow into the crease and blend upwards.  (I used @#S%! from Sugarpill)
Step 3: Pat a silver color all over your lid.  White would work as well. (I used Liberty by Colourpop)
Step 4: Sweep on your preferred brow bown highlight.  (I used Tako from Sugarpill)
Step 5: Line your upper lashline with an electric blue color. (I used Radium liquid liner from Urban Decay)
Step 6: Line right under the blue with a black liner.  (I used Nyx Noir Liner)
Step 7: Buff a blue color on your lower lashline. (I used Coconut from Colourpop)
Step 8: Line your waterline in black. (I used Blaquer from Marc Jacobs)