Friday, May 29, 2015

Operation Palette #10: Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette

Hello my lovelies!  I purchased this little beauty the second it was released online.  I am extremely excited to share this with you guys!  This is such a lovely palette with such a wonderful variety of colors!  I hope you enjoy the looks!

As always, use the picture of the palette for reference:

Look #1:

For when you're in the mood for purple...and a lot of it.

Step 1: Pat Punch Fuschia all over the lid
Step 2: Pat a light amount of Beigely over Punch Fuschia
Step 3: Place Unicorn on the outer corner and extend a little on the upper lashline and in the crease., creating a "C" shape
Step 4: Blend Aubergine in the crease
Step 5: Blend a little Dusty Rose in the crease and extend a little upward
Step 6: Sweep Buttery on the brow bone and in the inner corner

Look #2:

This look kind of screams summer!

Starting tip:  I would suggest using a base to make sure the yellow and orange stay nice and bright.  I used NYX's jumbo pencil in milk.

Step 1: Pat Phresh all over the lid
Step 2: Sweep Orange You Fancy in the crease and blend upward
Step 3: Place Baby I'm a Star the deepen the crease and blend with Orange You Fancy
Step 4: Pat Buttery on the brow bone and in the inner corner
Step 5: Trace a little Orange You Fancy on the lower lashline

Look #3:

While creating this look I accidentally got "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj stuck in my head.  MY ANACONDA DON'T!  (If you're wondering why, the main eye shadow used was called "Anaconda"...

Step 1: Pat Beigely all over the lid
Step 2: Pat Anaconda on the very outer corner of the lid and blend into the crease
Step 3: Blend Blue Velvet in the crease
Step 4: Take Anaconda and blend slightly above the crease
Step 5: Sweep Buttery on the brow bone and inner corner
Step 5: Trace Anaconda on the lower lashline

I hope you enjoyed the looks I created.  Like always, if you have any requests take a look at my contact page and shoot me an e-mail or message me on whatever social media platform you desire.