Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day 2014 Eye Look

I created a fun eye look for this years Valentine's Day!  I really wanted to go with pinks and purples but at the last minute I threw in some gold...because let's be serious, no one says no to gold on Valentine's Day.

For this look you'll need a light, medium, and dark pink/purple, a dark purple, and a pale gold.

I used Sleek's palette's Oh So Special and Vintage Romance.  I outlined the colors I used for reference.

For this look you want to gradient the pink/purple colors out from the pale gold.  Start by placing the light pink/purple color on the lid, leaving a small space in the middle to place the gold.  You'll want the lightest pink/purple from inner to outer lid (except the middle).  Next, take the medium pink/purple shade and place it a little beyond the lighter shade.  Lightly blend so it has a nice gradient effect.  Take the darker pink/purple shade and place it a little farther than the medium color and have it wrap around in to the crease.  Blend well!  Lastly, pat the pale gold in the center and lightly blend.  Be careful not to over blend the gold so it doesn't look muddy.  You want this to pop!  Lastly, take the dark purple and line the lower lashes.

Use the eye liner and mascara of you choice.  Falsies would also be cute! 

Have a fun Valentine's Day and just remember, binge watching Netflix on your couch alone with a bottle of wine is a fun night too!