Thursday, February 19, 2015

Operation Pallette #6: BareMinerals Ready Convertible Palette

I'm really excited about this post because I'm featuring the brand that got me in to makeup in the first place!  Yup!  You read that title correctly!  BareMinerals!  Round of applause for just being generally awesome.

I loved working with this palette and I REALLY love their ready eyeshadow formula.  I don't think I own a palette I don't like from that line.  They also do amazing loose shadows as well if you happen to be in the market for them.

Anywho, read on for the looks!  As always, refer to the palette picture and caption for reference to the colors.

Top L-R:Chart Topper, Hard to Get, Fantasy, Stiletto, Shiver
Middle L-R: Admire, Elixir
Bottom L-R: Couture, Pizzazz, Bewilder, Connoisseur, Mystify
Look #1:

1. Pat Fantasy all over lid
2. Buff Mystify in crease
3. Apply Stiletto to the outer V and buff into crease
4. Swipe Hard to Get on the brow bone and pat in the inner corner of the eye

(For those wondering, the teal liner is L'oreal Infallible Silkissime eye pencil in True Teal)

Look #2:

1. Pat Bewilder all over the lid and into the crease
2. Pat Admire all over the lid up until the crease
3. Buff Couture with a fluffy brush all over the lid and smoke it out
4. Line Couture on the lower lashline
5. Sweep Pizzazz on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye

Look #3:

1. Pat Connoisseur all over the lid and blend up into crease
2. Buff Bewilder into crease to help diffuse the gold a little
3. Lightly sweep Pizzazz on the brow bone to highlight.  Feel free to use your preferred highlight if you don't like super shiny ones.
4. Line the lower lashline with Connoisseur
5. Pat a little Pizzazz on the inner corner to highlight.

Look #4:

1. Pat Pizzazz on the inner third of the eye
2. Pat Bewilder on the middle of the eye
3. Pat Chart Topper on the outer third of the eye
4. Blend Admire in the crease
5. Buff Couture in the outer V
6. Sweep Pizzazz on the brow bone and inner corner
7. Lightly sweep Couture and Admire on the lower lashline

Look #5:

1. Pat Shiver all over the lid
2. Pat Elixir on the outer third of the lid and wrap into crease and blend
3. Buff Mystify in the outer V
4. Sweep Hard To Get on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye
5. Lightly sweep a little Mystify and Elixir on the lower lashline

I hope you liked the looks!  This took a while to complete and some looks turned out better than others but I wanted to show the diversity of the palette especially since upon first look it seems like you could only get pink or green looks.