Monday, February 2, 2015

Operation Palette #5: Kat Von D Star Studded Palette pt. 1

This post will be featuring the Kat Von D palette that was released during the 2014 Holiday season.  I'm really excited to work with this palette because I love her makeup and this palette has some really fun colors as well as a good mix of neutral shades for days when I need to tone it down.

Gothica, a color is this palette got a lot of negative reviews.  Unfortunately this shade didn't perform very well but overall I had good results with this palette.

Use the following picture with the names as reference for what colors I used (you may need to blow up the picture):

Look #1:

1. Pat Violator all over the lid
2. Blend Heaven Knows in the crease as a light transition color
3. Trace Depeche in the outer V and buff slowly and bring into the crease slightly
4. Pat a little Banshee on the brow bone to highlight
5. Lightly pat and blend a little Depeche on the lower lashline

Look #2:

1. Pat Heaven Knows all over the lid
2. Pat and blend Smiths on the outer third of the lid
3. Buff Leather in to the crease
4. Lightly pat Moz on the inner third of the lid to brighten the look up and give it a small gradient effect
5. Pat Crosses on the brow bone to highlight
6. Pat and blend a little Leather on the bottom lashline


1. Pat Brass Knuckles on the inner third of the lid
2. Pat Platonic on the middle part of the lid, and blend slightly into Brass Knuckles
3. Pat Mandala on the outer third of the lid and blend slightly into Platonic
4. Blend Heaven Knows in the crease
5. Trace Nephilim in the outer V and blend into the crease
6. Pat Crosses on the brow bone to highlight