Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Operation Palette #2: Lorac MegaPro Pt. 1

Welcome to the second operation palette!  This post will be featuring looks from the Lorac MegaPro Palette.

This, like the previous operation palette, features quite a large palette so I will be splitting looks up into two parts.  The second part will come later.

Please use the picture of the eyeshadows below for reference to the colors used for each look.

Look #1:

1. Blush patted all over lid
2. Merlot patted on the outer corner of lid
3. Wisteria buffed into crease
4. Mulberry traced on the outer V and slightly into crease, buff out into Wisteria
5. Cream patted on brow bone
6. Caviar used to line upper lash line
7. Merlot lined on lower lashline
8. Opal patted on the inner corner

Look #2:

1. Pat Cashmere on the inner portion of the lid
2. Pat Copper from where you ended Cashmere to the outer lid
3. Buff Camel in the crease
4. Buff Granite on outer V to darken the crease
5. Pat White on the brow bone to highlight

Look #3:

1. Pat Vanilla on the inner third of the lid and in the corner
2. Pat Smokey Topaz on the rest of the lid (mid lid to outer lid)
3. Lightly blend Sepia in the crease
4. Trace and buff Brown in the outer V to deepen the look a little
5. Pat and blend Cream on the brown bone