Thursday, October 2, 2014

Operation Palette #1: Urban Decay Vice 3 pt.1

Welcome to the first in my operation palette series!  Here are some eye looks I created using the Vice 3 palette.

Because of the size of this palette, I will probably split this into two parts.

Look #1:

1. Alien patted all over the lid
2. Alchemy patted from mid lid to outer lid
3. Vanity buffed into crease
4. Bondage buffed into the outer crease
5. Undone used as a transition color
6. Bobby Dazzle used as a brow highlight and in inner corner
7. Bondage traced along lower lashline

Look #2:

1. Last Sin patted on the inner lid
2. Freeze patted on the middle of lid
3. Dragon patted on the outer corner of the lid
4. Downfall buffed into the crease
5. Heroine buffed into the outer V
6. Bobby Dazzle as a highlight and in the inner corner of the eye
7. Dragon traced along the lower lashline
8. Freeze blended with Dragon on the lower lashine, extending to the middle

Look #3

1. DTF all over lid
2. Angel patted on top of DTF
3. Defy blended in crease
4. Downfall blended slightly above Defy
5. Bobby Dazzle as a highlight and in the inner corner

Look #4:

1. Lucky patted all over lid
2. Undone buffed into and a little above crease
3. Reign buffed into the outer V
4. Bobby Dazzle as a highlight and in the inner corner 

Part 2 coming later.