Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Too Faced La Crème de La Crème Long Lasting Lip Collection at Sephora

Long post title, I know.  I bought the exclusive kit from Sephora because I was dying to try the Too Faced lipstick formula and this seemed like the perfect way to do it!

I thought I would share my opinion on whether or not it was worth it and provide some swatches for you in case you were thinking of getting it too!


In this kit you get two full sized lipsticks, a full sized lip liner, and a deluxe sample of their lip primer all for $38.  The lipsticks alone retail for $22 a piece so I thought this was a pretty good deal.

Nothing in the kit is new, so it has been reviewed to death, but I like how it's packaged up with two nude lip colors and a matching lip liner for one of the lipsticks, so I'm going to give my thoughts anyways.

Neither of these were fully opaque.  I found Naked Dolly to be a bit more sheer on me than Spice Spice Baby (which was semi-opaque), but you could definitely tell it was there.  I should note you can build up the intensity, but due to the hydrating nature of these, there can be a bit of slip, causing streakiness.

Naked Dolly is described as a "satin pink" and was almost too light so I was worried it would look bad even on my fair skin.  I just applied lightly and it ended up looking fine.

Spice Spice Baby is where it's at.  It's described as a "pinky brown".  It's such a gorgeous shade and I really think it could work for absolutely anyone.

The lip liner in perfect spice is almost too dark for the Spice Spice Baby lipstick, but if you line your lips, then fill your lips in, it works perfectly.

Naked Dolly, Spice Spice Baby, Perfect Spice

Final thoughts: If you're in the market for the Too Faced lipsticks and have never tried them before, this is a fantastic starting point.  I find all the products are of fantastic quality and I can't wait to try more lipsticks soon!