Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bath & Body Works Summer Sips Candles - Quick Thoughts

I recently got all but one of the 'Summer Sips' candles from Bath and Body Works!

Despite mostly makeup being posted lately, this blog is dedicated to more than just that!  I love candles too!

I should mention why I didn't get Sparkling Berry Fizz.  Unfortunately mixed berry anything isn't very appealing to me so I opted out of purchasing that.  I haven't burnt these yet because I've been burning Salt Water Taffy and Vanilla Coconut (yum, btw!), so these are just my thoughts.

I really love this collection.  You get a lot of fruit and suntan lotion type smelling candles in the summer, but these are done well.  Several of them add different elements that make them quite unique (Nectarine Green Tea and Peach Cilantro Twist).  My favorite out of the bunch is probably Mango Coconut Cooler, just for the fact that it has coconut in it and I LOVE COCONUT.  The cold sniff on all of these are WONDERFUL and I can't wait to get burning.

Watermelon Lemonade has been around awhile I believe, and I'm probably the last person on earth to finally get it, but I certainly see why it's so popular!

Overall, they seem like a perfect addition to their summer lineup, and I cannot wait to start burning, I just hope the performance is good.

Here's to happy burning my little candle lovers!