Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#AriaNightOut Vegas Makeup Looks

I was contacted recently by the content director for and was asked to create a blog post centering around the Aria Resort.  I took a look at what the Aria Resort was and loved the pictures I saw.  Inspiration really hit me with this and I'm glad I can be apart of this 'blog party'!

People are posting a variety of things like hair, nails, and makeup.  Well, my hair and nail skills are horrible, but I definitely could put some makeup looks together to help inspire those staying in Vegas!

I created two looks to wear out and one inspiration type look based on a photograph I saw of the Aria Resort.

This place is truly lovely and I hope to visit there sometime soon!

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Date Night

My first look was created around having a wonderful dinner with my husband in mind.  Not just regular dining either.  I have the Sage in mind!

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Table for two, please.  Looks exquisite, doesn't it?  Well, your makeup has to be just right for a place like this!  I want the focus on my eyes, and since it's date night, sultry and sexy is best!

"Chocolate Gold" is what I like to call these kinds of looks.  Browns and golds look so good together.  Most importantly, it won't overwhelm your face and make it look like too much.  The type of eyeliner is optional.  Smudge some on your top lash line or do a wing like I did.  That's up to you.  I also opted for just adding a touch of the shimmery brown to my lower lash line instead of adding black to the waterline as well.

Night out with the Ladies

At the Aria, there's a ton of things to do.  A lot of Vegas trips are just going with your girlfriends to celebrate being awesome.  Now go be awesome at the Haze Nightclub.
When going out with your friends the point is to have fun.  Dancing, drinking, socializing.  When I do this I keep my makeup simple.  You're there for your friends and yourself so no need to overdo anything, but at the same time, adding pops of color is fun.

This look calls for understated, simple eyes, but BRIGHT lips.  I mean BRIGHT.  Break out your brightest neon lipstick!

Fact: Bright lips means your fun.  Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Purple, Magenta.  I don't care.  Wear bright lips and go have fun.

Oh, and uh, drink responsively.

Extra: Inspiration Eye Look

As I stated earlier, I was hit with inspiration when I was looking at the Aria Resort photos.  The use of colors is amazing and the following couple of pictures gave me some ideas.

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Photo credit:
These are both pictures of the Haze, the Nightclub mentioned previously.  Look at that color.  Pinks, and purples, and blues, OH MY!  I had to create an inspiration look so I broke out my Urban Decay Electric Palette and did just that,

People have different definitions of what is wearable.  Personally, I would go out with this and rock it so hard, however I realize not everyone likes this much VA VOOM on their face.  Either way, I thought this looks was pretty to look at and wear.

I hope you all enjoyed the looks I created for the Aria Resort and  If you would like specific details on what products I used and where I placed them feel free to ask, I just thought this post was getting a little wordy. :)

Here's a link if you're interest in visiting the Aria Resort:
There's good information located there and an option to book if you'd like!

I think I know where my next vacation will be :)

Stay pretty my makeup lovelies!