Thursday, March 27, 2014

Too Faced Exclusive Kits - Ulta vs. Sephora

There are two kits from Too Faced that contain pretty awesome items, especially if you're a big fan of Too Faced or just wanting to try some of their products.

L-R: Cause a Scandal, Complete Matte Eye Collection

The Sephora kit is called "Cause a scandal" and the Ulta kit is called "The Complete Matte Eye Collection".  

Read on to learn more about these so you can make a decision!

First off, both kits contain an eye palette, and eye lining tool, mascara, and eye shadow primer (all full sized!)

They sound similar but the tools given are very different.  Let's look!

Sephora's Cause a Scandal Kit

The main focal point of this kit is the eye palette.  Sephora's kit contains the Boudoir palette.  It's perfect for those sexy eye looks!  This contains beautiful shimmery colors.

The Mascara in this is great.  It's too faced "Better Than Sex" Mascara.

The eye lining tool is a bit weird and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it.  It's a liquid eyeliner with a trident like shape at the end. 

And of course, the eye primer.  There is a full sized version in each kit.

Ulta Complete Matte Eye Collection

First off, you have to love matte eyes to consider this collection because the entire palette contains matte shadows.  They are so gorgeous though!

The mascara is goofy and a bit awkward because of the sheer size of the brush.  IT'S HUGE!  If you already have long eyelashes that are curled I figure this would work fine to just deposit a black color but the brush is just far too big for my eyes and it's hard to use.

The eyeliner is a bit more on the normal side compared to the Sephora kit.  It's just a simple black pencil, so it's something we all can use.

And of course, like the other kit, a full sized tube of their eye shadow primer.

My overall thoughts:

They both have their pro's and con's but it's entirely up to what you want to get in the kits.  The Sephora kit is $65 ($101 value) and the Ulta kit is $45 ($95 value).  Obviously if you don't like matte's very much you're going to spring for the Sephora kit.  If you're just starting the brand and don't want to shell out $65, the $45 price point might be a little more reasonable.

Either way, each kit provides some awesome items and it's a complete matter of preference.  Compared to their individual values, it's actually a really good deal to try a variety of their products at a discount.  

If you're interested in more detail about one or more of the products offered, leave a comment and I'll let you know!