Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smashbox X Santigold Eye Palette's - Apocalypse Now & Earth As We Know It

I decided to do a review after reading InStyle's exclusive.  Ever since I went to Chichen Itza I've been a pretty big fan of the myths of the Maya.  2012 was probably my favorite year because I got to tell everyone and their mother about the calender and about how the world WASN'T going to end.  
Anyways, I believe she cited those as an inspiration along with the Egyptians.  The colors are definitely very reminiscent of those time periods.

I only picked up the eye palette's but here they are!

Hello Quetzalcoatl!

I'm not going to lie, when I first opened it up, and while I was swatching, AND while I was taking pictures, I was singing "Spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can!"  It's cute though, I just wish the eyes were a bit bigger because I liked the colors in them.

Apocalypse Now - Flash

Apocalypse Now - No Flash

Earth As We Know It - Flash

Earth As We Know It - No Flash

My Overall Impression:  The pigmentation on these were great except for the left eyeball in 'Earth As We Know It'.  That color was just very sheer and glittery, but it's still pretty. The colors were easy to pick up and blend.  I was pretty pleased with both of them.  Like I  said earlier, I just wished the eyeballs were bigger, especially since the pewter color in 'Apocalypse Now' is one of my favorite colors.  The colors tend to be more bold and colorful, but can definitely be played down for the day.  Overall, I think these were worth the money.

These are available at now and will be available at Sephora and starting April 1st.  Each palette is $36 for .17 oz.

I might post looks later so keep an eye out!

Also, I realize this is short and not very in-depth.  I'm in the middle of mid-terms right now so I will post something more on this as soon as I can.  I just thought I'd get some swatches up for people who want to see them.