Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PurpleCatCreatives Solid Perfume in Firecracker

This is a great solid perfume, although my expertise is limited since I just recently learned about solid perfumes.  They are a great alternative when you want a scent to cling close to your body instead of a cloud of perfume you can sometimes get with sprays.

On the website it is described as "Sunny mangos balanced with blooming roses and neroli blossom, spiced up with red pepper and cinnamon."

Upon first sniff you can definitely detect the pepper and cinnamon, but with a name like "Firecracker" I kind of expected a bit of spiciness.  After awhile you can definitely detect the different kind of notes.  It's a unique blend but all the notes blend well together.  It's really good for all seasons.

This particular scent is available all year long here for $9 for .25 oz.  New spring/summer scents are just starting to be released so check it out!