Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bath & Body Works Candle Picks for Spring/Summer 2014...So Far Anyways...

So far Bath & Body Works has released a few collections for the Spring/Summer season.  I would normally get a lot more but I went WAY overboard during the fall/winter season.  Seriously, I still have 13 Marshmallow Fireside's.

Anyways, these eight little beauties are my top picks so far.  I'm sure they will release more collections and I'm sure I'll be buying from those too.  I love my candles!

I'm very happy London Calling made its return.  I heard rumors it wasn't coming back.  The rest I haven't tried yet but will be burning/testing.  I chose mine based on the description and off of the cold sniff.  As you can tell, I love sweet smells and COCONUT!  London Calling is a bit different for me, but I developed a love for that smell because I spend so much time in the UK.

I will be burning these soon and will hopefully get my thoughts on several of these candles in their own post.