Thursday, February 13, 2014

Late to the Urban Decay Naked Palette Party

I've only really been into makeup for a few years, but I've been around long enough to know how big Urban Decay's Naked Palette's have been.  I never really had a ton of interest until the third one came out though.  I would review it but there's already a million reviews on it out there and there's really very little else I could say about it.  

I did recently purchase all three palette's (not counting the Basic's palette, I've had that one for a little while).  I first received the 2nd and 3rd palette and I really love them.  I didn't get the first one because people would say how warm toned it was and I happen to be a very fair, cool toned person.  I eventually caved due to my 'gotta catch em' all' mentality (kudos if you get that reference).  Even on my fair, cool toned skin the colors can still look very nice, so I'm happy with my purchase.  I do find I have to be careful with pinks and plums (I'm looking at you, #3) though because too much and it can have me looking like I have allergy ridden or black eyes.  Needless to say, the palette's are all wonderful although I'm not sure if a person would need both 1 and 2.  It might just be a matter of personal preference.

Metallic finishes are hard on me since I'm still working on my lighting skills!

I may swatch these later for reference or for anyone curious about the colors.